What to do if your business is outgrowing QuickBooks

If your business is outgrowing QuickBooks, you’ll need an independent consultant to make sure you acquire the best software for your business in particular.  If the consultant has a financial relationship with an ERP vendor, it will most likely be immediately apparent when looking at their website.  If you proceed, you will probably find yourself purchasing the system they represent.  Since there are literally hundreds of ERP systems, it would be the wildest stroke of luck for it to also be the best ERP system for your particular company.  To learn more about the best Enterprise Resource Planning system for your business, read https://ercerp.wordpress.com/what-is-the-best-enterprise-resource-planning-system/.

While most fall into the category above, there are consultants that are truly independent.  When you find an experienced one in which you have confidence, you will have gone a long way toward a successful ERP implementation.  Prices vary however, so compare costs as well.

Best wishes for a successful implementation.

Visit Enterprise Resource Consulting at http://www.EnterpriseResourceConsulting.com


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