Virtual Consulting for Enterprise Resource Planning

Whether your business has outgrown QuickBooks, or needs to replace an outdated or obsolete Enterprise Resource Planning system, you should consider engaging an ERP consultant who offers a virtual consulting option.  Unless the project is very large, or encompasses complicated manufacturing processes which require an onsite presence for an extended period of time, virtual consulting may be the answer to getting the right system selected and implemented without shattering the budget.

Hard-to-find independent consulting companies which offer a virtual option, such as, offer the same consulting services whether onsite or virtual, much like ERP software on the cloud does.  Like the SaaS (Software as a Service) computing model, the virtual CaaS (Consulting as a Service) model, operating remotely from its place of business, utilizes the latest communication technology when necessary, to deliver ERP expertise and consultation to clients throughout the country.

The primary benefit of the virtual consulting program is its lower cost and more rapid selection and implementation times.  You don’t need to pay for travel, lodging, providing a working space, and most important, the many onsite hours which are lost due to normal business “friction”.  Using the Internet, telephone, and even videoconferencing, virtual consulting can help deliver value far beyond what is possible with an onsite situation.

Small to medium sized companies which are considering replacing QuickBooks, or a smaller or older ERP system, with a modern ERP system are seldom looking to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With the right virtual consultant helping you select either the right cloud-based or onsite ERP system, you can get the best value for your time and money.

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