About ERC

ERC is an independent Enterprise Resource Planning consulting firm, helping your business save money in the project management of ERP selection, ERP implementation, and rescue of ERP projects.  Independence means that we’re 100% technology-agnostic, and have no financial ties to any software or hardware manufacturer.  If you are unsure about the best way to select a new ERP system, we are the answer.

We specialize in ERP selection for businesses, from those that have outgrown QuickBooks, to$10 to 250 million dollar manufacturers and wholesale distributors.  The first consultation is absolutely free.

While conducting an assessment of your business, we will categorize your unique needs and objectives, and determine if you are optimizing your current system, and whether replacing it is necessary and justifiable.  Whether selecting, implementing, or rescuing your system, we’ll assess the situation by truly listening, and develop a plan that fits the unique requirements of your business.  We know how busy you are.  Contact us to get started.



Visit Enterprise Resource Consulting at http://www.EnterpriseResourceConsulting.com

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